Cupping Therapy and Hijama

 Interview with Dr Mohammed abd El Gawad, A leading hijama and cupping therapists - Egypt

1-      Please give us a short introduction about yourself, location, education, professional membership, current position and how, where and why you learned cupping therapy and hijama ?

     My name is Mohammed Elsayed Mohammed Abd Elgawad, from   Egypt  , Date of Birth: January 1st , 1980 , married , my e-mail   ( elgawadm ), I was working in Giza chest hospital in Egypt , I am living and working now in Saudi Arabia and working in Jazan chest hospital as a chest specialist

2-      Please, give us some details about any published clinical trial, paper, article, book of you?

      I learnt cupping therapy from my wife who was doing it by old cupping kit ( glasses and fired  cotton ) it was the beginning  after that I  had two certificate from the national center for researches  in Cairo in practice of cupping on scientific bases by dr / Amer Saleh. I learnt cupping therapy because it’s sunnah of the prophet of Islam  Mohamed r then for my studing to do my thesis .

3-      Give us a detailed description about the cupping therapy type you use, how to do this type, for what conditions, number of treatment prescribed and how many treatments considered a prescribed course of cupping therapy?

      I have a paper puplished lately in Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy  under titel of  evaluation of Cupping Therapy as an adjuvant therapy  in the management of   bronchial asthma and it’s avaliable in internet . I’m using wet cupping therapy only

   The procedure of bloodletting cupping as I used in my study and generally :     A  high quality and durable cupping set was used    . It has a vacuum pump   ( suction pump )  and cups which were lightweight , break resistant and anti – aging plastic . These cups were supplied  in different sizes and comes with a detailed user's manual which I had followed exactly:  It was made sure the inside of the cup is clean and the handle is completely unfastened .  The skin of the patient must be  dried , cleaned by antiseptic solution and the hair is shaved in the selected area of the skin for ideal maximum performance of the cups . 

 An appropriate size or type of cup was selected  . The cup was put on the selected previous three points  . With the rim of the cup facing downward , press tightly with one hand and screw the handle of the vacuum with the other until the cup sucks onto the skin .  The handle of the cup was screwed or unscrewed to adjust the pressure inside the cup .  The cups were left  for few minutes until the skin engorged . The selected points were  scarified very superficially .

 The cup was put on the selected previous three points again and the handle of the cup was screwed or unscrewed to adjust the pressure inside the cup .  The cup was removed when was one to two thirds full and another cup was set on the spot .  The cupping procedure was repeated until the  scarificated indurations bleeds no more . The cups were unscrewed after the desired elapsed time.  The small wound is gently rubbed with an antibiotic ointment and then covered with a sterile bandage that would be left for one day    .

 N.B   : I ‘m using  plastic , disposable vacuum for the process and sterilized scalpel . 

  Every patient had illustrated after the cupping session that his skin will show the following normal features  :   Blood speckles appear on the skin . These will dissipate in a few days and the skin becomes red due to the congestion of blood flow .

I’m doing cupping for many diseases the most famous are bronchial asthma , DM , hypertension, back pain , arthritis ,headache , sinusitis , hepatitis , epilepsy and skin diseases   . Usually I prescribe cupping therapy for  once per month for 3-4 months

4-      Give the new cupping therapists the key of success and the tips you gained from your practice?

      The key of success is contact of the new  cupping therapists for gaining more experience  and knowledge also reading the more recent studies talking about cupping therapy .The most tip I gained through my practice is that do wet cupping therapy for any disease without  prevention  the patient to take any other medications because I believed that wet cupping therapy will offer to the patient the cure as mentioned in the following Hadith ( The three methods of healing known to have been mentioned by the medical advice of Muhammad (r) were honey, cupping, and cauterization, though he was generally opposed to the use of cauterization) 

5-      Please, describe in details the best and the difficult case that you treated by cupping therapy?

      The best and difficult case treated by cupping was an asthmatic patient was a painter  he was complaining of severe symptoms of bronchial asthma and asthma was an obstacle to work perfectly after one set of cupping only he improved totally without any other medication and he call me and said to me(  that is as magic I can’t trust t hat thank for Allah) , other case of dermatitis from one session only causing complete cure without another medication and many cases of back pain and knee pain also pain relief  in different percentages.

6-      How you see the future of cupping and hijama?

    I see the future the cupping therapy very bright it will spread .

7-      In your opinion, what is the theory behind the cupping therapy effect?

 The theory behind cupping effect in my opinion filtering the blood of harmful mixtures.

8-   How people can contact you?