Cupping Therapy and Hijama


Interview with Muddassar raja the founder of Hijama Nation

By Dr Tamer Shaban

1-   Please give us a detailed introduction about yourself, location, education, professional membership, current position and how, where and why you learned cupping therapy and hijama ?

Hijama Nation was set up about a year ago in CT, USA by a husband and wife team; Muddassar Raja and Umm Amaar-Ali. Between us, we are qualified in Hijama, Reflexology, Massage, Reiki and Life Coaching.  We were certified by Natural Health Nature’s Finest UK and are members of the International Cupping Society (UK) and the Complementary Medical Association-UK (CMA). We are currently studying towards a Naturopathic Doctorate (ND) and Tibb-un-Nabawi (Prophetic Medicine). We learned Hijama in order to help other Muslims and revive this sunnah. Our aims are to promote awareness about Hijama and train Muslims to become Certified Hijama Practitioners to a high standard internationally. We are also working towards getting Hijama recognized to western medical standards and establish research and scientific evidence about the wonders of Hijama. We have just set up an office in London, UK and plan to expand in to other countries too, inshallah.

2-   Please, give us some details about any published clinical trial, paper, article, book of you?

We have written and teach Hjama courses which have been approved by the Complementary Medical Association. We currently offer a Basic Hijama course for Home Use, a fast-track Practitioner course for already practicing medical professionals who are seeking certification and a 6 month Practitioners course for people who want to get full trained and practice hijama commercially.

3-   Give us a detailed description about the cupping therapy type you use, how to do this type, for what conditions, number of treatment prescribed and how many treatments considered a prescribed course of cupping therapy?

Hijama Nation uses dry cupping methods which includes “fixed” and “moving” cupping methods. We also use “wet cupping” hijama techniques which involves administering minor incisions to the skin surface and drawing out toxic blood. We usually offer a free half hour consultation, and then a session of hijama. Treatments vary according to the patient’s sickness and needs. Some may only need one session whilst others may need several treatments.

4-   Give the new cupping therapists the key of success and the tips you gained from your practice?

We strongly urge all Hijama Therapists to be hygienic, safe, responsible, sensitive and God fearing. We train our students to follow these basic rules and become successful therapists. We also teach our students to educate others about Hijama to be more successful.

5-   Please, describe in details the best and the difficult case that you treated by cupping therapy?

The best cases are patients with muscular, skeletal, neurological, respiratory and cardiovascular issues, as they see immediate results after hijama therapy. Many patients report that arthritis, back pain, asthma,  High blood pressure, High Cholesterol and migraines have reduced drastically or disappeared after just one session.

The most difficult cases are when patients have suffered strokes or are paralyzed. They need many more treatments than regular patients with common ailments.

Some patients suffer from emotional or spiritual conditions, which are also more complicated to treat. Regular Hijama must be applied with increased recitation of the Quran, Salah and supplications, in order to heal from metaphysical problems.


6.  Describe the most noted side effect of cupping therapy and how you deal with it?

The most noted side effect of Hijama therapy is usually exhaustion for a couple of days after the treatment. We recommend that patients eat healthy, hearty meals after a hijama session and rest fully. They should not do any physically demanding activities or engage in sexual relations. If they do not follow these tips, they will feel drained and tired. So they must let their bodies recover after Hijama. Also, some patients complain of itchy skin or sore incisions. We recommend that they continuously apply black seed oil and/or honey to keep the skin soft and prevent bacterial infections.

7.    How do you see the future of cupping and hijama?

We see the future of Hijama to be a great phenomena. It is a miracle cure and we are 100% committed to practicing, promoting, researching and teaching it, inshallah. We hope to make it easily accessible to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We hope to see it recognized by both, complementary and western, medical and scientific circles in the near future, inshallah.

8.    In your opinion, what is the theory behind the cupping therapy effect?

Hijama Cupping therapy works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, as human beings consist of the mind, body and soul. It is a form of worship for Muslims, as it has been prescribed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and we have been told that there is a cure for every disease. Also, healing is based on “eman” (Faith), so if the patient has faith in Allah (God), and makes sure that s/he eats, sleeps and exercises well,  then s/he will heal. This is all in accordance to Tibb-un-Nabawi which is Prophetic Medicine.

Further, cupping therapy aids the bloodflow and oxygenation of all internal organs. It rids the body of toxic blood and negative debris. It forces the body to produce fresh blood cells and strengthen the immune system. It relaxes tight muscles and painful bones and joints. It helps the body systems to become balanced, restore vitality and health and refresh the Patient.

8- Your recommendation to enhance the practice?

We should keep the practice of Hijama Therapy professional, safe, hygienic and true to the Religion of Islam and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

9- How people can contact you?