Cupping Therapy and Hijama


Interview with Dr Abd El Nasser Tawhid a leading Hijama and cupping therapist - UAE

     1-     Please give us a detailed introduction about yourself, location, education, professional membership, current position and how, where and why you learned cupping therapy?


Name : Abdel Nasser  Ibrahim  Towhid

Medical Doctor  ( Dermatologist ) PhD, Dermatology & Cupping Therapist

  ( Doctoral  Degree in Holistic medicine ( Cupping Therapy ) , A member of

 ( I.C.T.S )  .

Current Position :

 General Manager of Al Alaa Cupping &d Herbal Center  , Located in United Arab Emirates , Fujairah ,Hamad Ben Abdulla Street .

Since almost about  15 years while working in my private clinic as a dermatologist I heard about Hijjama ( talk of our prophet Mohamed  P.B.U.H) and since this time I started to search and read everything and every paper about Cupping Therapy  and started to to treat my Dermatology patients like those complaining of eczema , psoriasis . vitilligo, taenias and other  skin diseases , I surprised that it gave a very good result and a realistic fantastic result in enhancing the cure process of my patient . Hence I started to learn more about and search and take many rounds and classes for training in some Egyptian institutes one of them was in Nasser Hospital and Institute in Cairo , Then started my personal research in Cupping over acupoints ,It seems to me that it gives me the result and the treatment that I wish to introduce to my patients , by scientific research over hundreds of patients  using investigations before and after Cupping Therapy  I started to maintain Cupping therapy as the main way of treatment to all of my patients of Dermatology and Venereology and also al other diseases that Hijjama Could Give a good result since time thousands of cases suffering of different diseases could be Cured perfectly , That is Why I am now one of the rare Doctors working in that field and Fourtionatly I could Design and make therapeutic maps for many Diseases Combining  all Cupping therapy schools by our Islamic way , And I am proud to say that I also designed a map describing the points of Hijjama Contraindicated or must not be Cupped During Pregnancy .       

2-     Please, give us some details about any published clinical trial, paper, article, book of you?

A.   One of my recent researches that will be prepared to be one of the main Causes that will lead to the official Confessing  by Cupping therapy or Hijjama and will lead to that Hijjama will be studied in medical schools is that I could really use  one of the most recent Bioenergy Diagnostic tests and Conjugate it with Cupping Therapy instead of acupuncture and over hundreds of patients that approved that Cupping therapy or ( Hijjama ) is 26th  Time better than Chinese needle acupuncture , in Correcting the  Personal Bioenergy of the human body  so we could Design new maps or new points to treat Different diseases also , and we can follow up the patients by doing that test ( before and after Hijjama) on two months interval , so we can now handle the scientific report that tells us more about the case and tells us if patients improves or not , For this new Cupping Therapy Remedy I Named it as ( Acugraph Cupping Therapy ) and it will be the open gate for Hijjama to be officially learned in many schools of medicine .

3-     Give us a detailed description about the cupping therapy type you use, how to do this type, for what conditions, number of treatment prescribed and how many treatments considered a prescribed course of cupping therapy?

A.   By Acugraph Cupping Therapy  we can diagnose the case and know every thing about all body meridians ( LU,PC,HT,SI,LI,TE,SP,LV,KI,BL,GB&ST) and correct the defect by  Cupping Therapy much more faster than needle acupuncture 26th times faster and better ,So ,we can protect these organs from the future threats or diseases as it is approved that bioenergy disturbance occurs either by the increase or decrease or the splitting of organ bioenergy  or  Meridian many years before the organ pathologicaly affected and could be discovered by usual Chemical or radiation tests i.e. an an example for this liver enzymes are proteins secreted or released into blood stream after the destruction of hepatic or liver cells .. So many years before this destruction of hepatic cells and releasing of liver enzymes to blood stream to be detected chemically  ,The Liver Meridian   was reading  either ( High or Low or Split ) for many years and the patients feel ill but could not discover their health problems by usual tests ,SO when we use Acugraph combined with Cupping Therapy instead needle Acupuncture we can do ( Protection of the organ from future illness may affect it and treating the symptoms resulted from energy imbalance by a pure rapid and safe method of treatment … Many details could be published  in time in shaa Allah  This branch or Scientific Type of Cupping Therapy is My ( Acugraph Cupping Therapy ) .

This is the type of Cupping therapy that I use in my  practical work this can treat and follow up many diseases ( practically all diseases treated with acupuncture  could be effectively treated by this method , here We use all other kinds of cupping Therapy especially Dry and Wet Cupping and we use these two types combined together as Dry cupping  as a 1st step takes about 5 to 10 minutes then Wet or ( blood letting cupping ) as a 2nd step . and all points should be done at the same set ( one set every one or two monthes ) until the test gives me the result that all symptoms disappear and the P.I.E reading is over 80 %  and test shows that every organ meridian gives a normal reading at least at one of three or six visits to be sure that this organ also is physiologically well and pathologically free of any disease .

Hundreds of cases had been  done with a great success and we can also combine the food or herbal supplements according the case .

 4-     Give the new cupping therapists the key of success and the tips you gained from your practice?

           A. My advice to the new cupping therapists the key of success is inside your heart you  have to like your work , you must wish the good health to your patient you have to know that you are dealing with the human body that great thing  that you must respect , Cupping Therapy is in a just blood comes out ( no-no But Cupping Therapy is an art I wish that all cupping therapy practitioners will be medical doctors or complementary medicine or holistic medicine practitioners and at the same time hoping that all people or at least one of each family should have an idea about Cupping Therapy or Hijjama .

5-      Please, describe in details the best and the difficult case that you treated by cupping therapy?

A-  One of the most difficult cases I have ever been treated by using Cupping Therapy or Hijjama was an old 63 years old Egyptian woman that was retained in the ICU ( Intensive Care Unit ) in mansoura  university hospital  , she was suffering from intestinal obstruction since a period of time no stool comes out no gases sever pain ,blood comes out she was very weak to with stand the operation and she was diagnosed as (  intestinal intussusceptions ) and she was about to be affected by moist gangrene of the intestine , their family took her to transfer home waiting here death soon because they and she refuses the operation and she insisted to die at home  ( as some cultural believes in some countryside while ambulance transferring her to her home her son saw the clinic and asked what Hijjama ,he knew that it is a holistic and prophet medicine he insisted to do Hijjama to his mother ,after signing the written consent I saw all investigation and for me as a doctor I told them that this women should die sure if they did not return to hospital , but finally I did for her ( Cupping Therapy  for Colon and Intestinal  problems ) on certain points and dismissed this woman and feeling that nothing could cure her except this operation even if little success is better than nothing  … one day after about 14 days I had been surprised when I saw a woman coming to my office carrying some gifts to give me and argeat hug and kissed me ,, telling me thank you doctor I am walking I did not die I stayed home and did not go hospitals 2nd day after Hijjama I started to feel something moving in my abdomen and while this occurs pain disappears , one day more I could defecate some blood with gases came out next day stool came out m now I am very well I eat and do defecate everything disappeared  and I stayed ( Sobhan Allah  ) wow .. that is incredible And I recorded to her a video shot  until now from more than 9  years I hear her word and become happy when I hear this woman saying Doaa  and al mighty to Allah to protect me and my kids and to make success in my all steps .

5-     Describe the most noted side effect of cupping therapy and how you deal with it?

A-  Cupping Therapy Has no side effects if done by a doctor the most dangerous side effects is infection transmition from infected person to another but this risk could be zero if single use equipments used and good training to the practitioner himself how to use his hands while do cupping to protect himself and his patient  too .

B-  Also pregnant woman could be treated or Cupped safely when we publish the prohibited points in pregnancy but until now no one except us can do this safely.

C-  Fainting sometimes occurs but this not considered a side effect this is a reaction and patient in recumbent position or on one side could solve this problems that occurs less than 2% of patients if Hijjama done correctly  .

6-     How you see the future of cupping?

A-  Future of Cupping will be fantastic especially after This new Type that will lead to the Confession of Cupping and to be studied in medical schools in soon future.

7-     In your opinion, what is the theory behind the cupping therapy effect?

      A-  In brief By creating suction and negative pressure, cupping has been found to affect the body up to four inches into the tissues, which is used to treat muscle pain and spasms, drain excess fluids and toxins, loosen adhesions, connective tissue and stubborn knots in soft tissue, stimulate blood circulation and bring blood flow to nourish stagnant muscles and skin, enhance the flow of energy, stimulate the peripheral nervous system, activate the lymphatic system, clear colon blockages, help activate and clear the arteries, veins, and capillaries, and improve varicose veins.

       B-  Cupping draws the inflammation out, yet does not add to it.

       C-  Many theories also will be published in my text in future .

8-     Your recommendation to enhance the practice?

A-  To open the gate for Cupping Therapy to be practiced in a wide scale doctors have to be study and Cupping therapy must be returned to medical students text book again in medical schools and we about to complete the necessary step for this purpose .

9-     How people can contact you?

A-  Contact information  :  In United Arab Emirates

Mobile :00971503906226 

Emails :

Website :

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