Cupping Therapy and Hijama

Interview with Azib Susiyanto a leading hijama and cupping therapist - Indonesia

1-      Please give us a detailed introduction about yourself, location, education, professional membership, current position and how, where and why you learned cupping therapy?

1.I Azib Susiyanto. My previous profession is an expert in the field of building construction. I am interested and experienced confusion when reading the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad solallahu 'alaihi wasalam about Hijamah who said suction gives cure all ills except old and die. one side of this hadith shohih me as a Muslim is obliged faith with tradition. the other hand how it is done so that the suction to give healing. because the tradition is no technical information on how Hijamah but promised to give the effect of healing for all diseases except the old and die. end with the existing curious i dig and explore what it hijama. then after more than three years can explore this Hijamah substance of suction, ie, the suction is the oxidant. then the concept of my hijama graide up with the term ODT (oxidant drainage therapy), Alahmdulillah term odt've got a patent from the Ministry of Justice and human rights director general of the intlektual property rights Republic of Indonesia


2-      Please, give us some details about any published clinical trial, paper, article, book of you?

2. For more details, please go to my website on the web in complete a to z about odt

3-      Give us a detailed description about the cupping therapy type you use, how to do this type, for what conditions, number of treatment prescribed and how many treatments considered a prescribed course of cupping therapy?

3. We do not conduct training odt. that there is education odt with a 2-year program of education

4-      Give the new cupping therapists the key of success and the tips you gained from your practice?

4. It seems not at all complicated cases of disease with therapies that we hijama graide up with the concept odt. even a very severe disease such as coronary heart disease, clogged arteries in the brain. sereosis, drug addicts, addicted to cigarettes and other severe HIV disease even in the state by modern medicine has no solution with hijama Thank God I have graide up with the concept odt recover medically proven

5-      Please, describe in details the best and the difficult case that you treated by cupping therapy?

5. More than 6 years we had our practice hijama graide up with the concept odt none of that makes it difficult to find cases there was only one disease that is maximally successful Parkinson's disease

6-      Describe the most noted side effect of cupping therapy and how you deal with it?

6. The future is very extraordinary Hijama treatment is no longer as a complementary treatment but the fore as the primary treatment for all diseases.

7-      How you see the future of cupping ?

7. The theory that I know about our hijama graide up with the concept odt (oxidant drainage therapy) is. basically our body is a trouble maker when the oxidant in the oxidant then automatically remove the source of the disease out of a complaint case and the pain goes away, heal disease

8-      In your opinion, what is the theory behind the cupping therapy effect?

8. To improve the quality of practice in doing hijama is fakus hijama therapy practice, continue to improve the quality of knowledge and skills through education or herapy hijama articles that could be accounted for

9-      Your recommendation to enhance the practice?

9. People can contact us through email, website, facebook, telephone, mobile, print and interactive television broadcast in dilaog directly with the theme of greatness we've hijama graide up with the concept odt (oxidant draiage therapy).

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