Cupping Therapy and Hijama

Interview With Hijama and Cupping Therapist Diana Ansuategui

 By Dr Tamer Shaban

1-      Please give us a detailed introduction about yourself, location, education, professional

 membership, current position and how, where and why you learned cupping therapy and hijama ?


               My name is Diana Ansuategui, I'm from Spain, I start my studies about natural medicine 10  years ago, studying Quiromassage, Reiki, Methamorphyc Therapy, Oriental Massage,   Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture and cupping Hijama.

 Actually I'm working in a Clinic in Spain ( Valencia ) in the Alternative Medicine department.

 I work with Therapy Reiki doing volunteer for children with cancer in one hospital.

 I learned Cuppin Hijama in England ( London ) and was amazing experience to discover this  fantastic therapy. I love to travel so always I try to be in contact with the different medicine techniques from other cultures, and I find very interesting the Islamic Medicine.            


2-      Please, give us some details about any published clinical trial, paper, article, books of you?

I write in a specific blog about cupping hijama I did to share in Spain all the details, pictures,  

and videos about this amazing therapy. I Write about Hijama Therapy in a national Book about  natural Therapies in Spain and Now this book is availiable in all Spain libraries

 I did the translation of the book ( La guia completa de ventosas ) Spanish version with the 

Dr Tamer Shaban. also I recently provide training in the field of Hijama.

3-      Give us a detailed description about the cupping therapy type you use, how to do this type, for what conditions, number of treatment prescribed and how many treatments considered a prescribed course of cupping therapy?

Actually I work with chinese cupping and Hijama cupping depend of the patient and depend of    the problem.   In Chinese Cupping I work with ( dry cupping ) if the patient have only a muscular problem I work 2 times on the week for 3 weeks around 6 sessions. 

 Normally when I work with Hijama I use wet cupping ( with blood ) because I have a lot of

 patients with blood disease like Gout or arthritis. 

In this type of patients I work 1 on the week, depending of the years and conditions of the 

 patient I repeat the session in the same week if is necessary.



           4-      Give the new cupping therapists the key of success and the tips you gained from your  practice?


I think the diagnosis is very important , and I try to combine a healthy food with the Hijama 

treatment, together will give us more good result of the treatment.


5-      Please, describe in details the best and the difficult case that you treated by cupping therapy?

 The best I had was a patient with Gout, 35 years old, bad eating habits, he was taking

 medication, but still feeling crissis of pain sometimes so, we start the treatment with the

 new eating habits, and 1 time on the week doing wet Hijama on DU14 + V17+ V20+ V40

+E35+ E27 and directly on the more pain feel on the feet.

 After 15 days the patient was feeling most better and the pain leave for complete.

 Now still with the correctly eating habits and medication and 1 time wet hijama on the

month to prevent and control.


The most difficult case I had a patient with 60 years old, with very severe Arthrosis and

 severe Arthritis in all articulations.

The patient was taking a lot of medication for the Arthrosis, Arthritis, Depresion, Cholesterol,

 Triglycerides and sugar.

He was no changing the eating taking correctly the medicines, and

he had 2 sessions of wet Hijama in the month for 3 months.


 I think the most fast effect the patient feels after Hijama is the tension of the muscles 

dissapears, and they feel more relax and relieve of the pain.


7-      How you see the future of cupping and hijama?

 I can feel a lot of people is wanting to find Alternative Medicines to don't be all the life

taking pills, and without actual diagnosis and actual reasons leading to the


Cupping Therapy will be growing again around the world helping people, because is one of 

the natural medicine methods and people is awaking opening the minds..looking for a better

health without chemical side effect from the pills.


8-      In your opinion, what is the theory behind the cupping therapy effect?

 Drawing up the skin is believed to open up the skin’s pores, which helps to stimulate the

flow of blood, balances and realigns the flow of qi, breaks up obstructions, and creates

an avenue for toxins to be drawn out of the body.

Depending on the condition being treated, the cups will be left in place from 5 to 10 min.

Several cups may be placed on a patient’s body at the same time. Some practitioners will

also apply small amounts of medicated oils or herbal oils to the skin just before the

cupping procedure, which lets them move the cups up and down particular acupoints or

meridians after they have been applied.  


9-      Your recommendation to enhance the practice?

 To Learn and study more hijama benefits and we can unify the Hijama with a correctly  

eating habits, and excercises.


10-   How people can contact you?

 I'm working actually in Spain and doing my Therapies in two cities Valencia and Castellon

                  my contact details:


                  - Web page:

                   - Telephone: 622.811.827

                  - E-mail: