Cupping Therapy and Hijama

The Curative Powers of Cupping

Author: Jimmycox

Cupping, as it is called in English, is one of the oldest forms of therapy, and is very effective in the treatment of a variety of complaints. It is known in France as "ventouse," in Germany as "Schroepfen," and in America as "vacuum" or "pneumatic" treatment, and in these countries it is far more widely used by the medical profession as well as by the laity, more especially by the peasants on the Continent.

As a matter of fact, I have in my possession an almost up-to-the-minute German medical publication on the subject, which goes to indicate that because a therapeutic method is considered "old fashioned" it should not, on that account be illogically discarded.

The Egyptians in ancient times used dry cupping in the treatment of disease, i.e., about five thousand years ago. Even in unexplored regions of darkest Africa it was discovered that the natives there used coconut shells to serve as "cups," which they applied to various parts of the body for curative purposes, whilst the Arabs in far off days applied the hollow horns of animals to the affected areas, and other races were found to use a hollow bamboo rod one end of which was placed on the skin with firm pressure, and the other end in the mouth. The air was then sucked up and a vacuum produced. After all, the oldest form of "cupping" is to be found in the mouth in that the lips are pressed on to the infected part and the poison, e.g., snake poison, sucked out. It is also thought that the saliva has curative properties, hence, for example, the dog licks his wounds.

About four hundred years before Christ there lived that great, enlightened physician Hippocrates who was evidently not slow to recognize the therapeutic possibilities of cupping. There were many other doctors of note in far off days who used the method, but in more recent times there was a French doctor by the name of Victor J. Junod who discovered, quite independently, the curative principle of cupping by observing the effect of atmospheric pressure upon the human organism as he climbed a high mountain. This discovery he employed in his practice, and the results he obtained from the treatment were so outstanding that they brought him early recognition by the French Medical Societies, whilst the medical schools of Italy, Germany and Austria warmly received him. There was also an English doctor by the name of Hadfield, who years ago, recognized the potentialities of this treatment in circulatory disturbances and diseases resulting there from.

We surely all know that an unhampered flow of the blood, which is itself chemically balanced and not surcharged with toxic matter, is the restorer and maintainer of health. Osteopathic treatment is of immense value in removing obstructions to this vital circulation of the blood and lymph, but unfortunately, for various reasons, not everyone can avail himself of the services of a qualified osteopath - indeed there may not be one in the area in which potential patients reside.

It is for all these that this article is written, for any member of the family in the home can easily carry out cupping treatment and prove a great boon. It can also be used as a most valuable adjunct by those who are attending an osteopath. Among the numerous complaints and diseases that can benefit from cupping are any painful congested area, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, pleurisy, boils, swellings, rheumatism, arthritis, and lumbago.
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