Cupping Therapy and Hijama

Cup Massage

By Kate Steplton

Cup massages are a form of massage therapy that isn’t all that common. Most people when they think of a massage think of a typical massage of the muscles Perhaps a Swedish massage, a shiatsu massage, or even perhaps a hot lotion massage comes to mind.

Even people with serious back disorders and injuries go only so far as having electronic stem massages, which involve attaching small electrodes to tight muscles so that electronic charges can be sent in to stimulate the muscle. Or perhaps they will get a deep massage followed by heat and ice.

Cup massages are serious massages that use little rubber cups which are attached at various points to get a deep, deep massage going. Cup massages are reserved for people with serious or chronic joint or muscle disorder.

They are not used unless there is a serious need for them. They are usually performed in half hour to hour long sessions. There are different types of cup massages for different ailments, and there are of course different ways to alleviate such severe chronic pain.

Cup massages can help severely atrophied muscles and chronic joint ailments, this is true, however, many people who have these issues can’t use cup therapy because people with certain side effects have problems with cup therapy. It can be dangerous for them. In fact, many people with chronic disorders also suffer from varicose veins, and it is not healthy for these people to utilize cup therapy.

Also people with heart problems should not use cup therapy. For these people, people who still need to alleviate sever pain that they must deal with constantly, there are other avenues such as acupuncture, blood letting, and they can alter diet and improve their nutrition as well.

Acupuncture is the Chinese art of utilizing needles to alleviate pain and pressure and it can help some people that benefit from cupping, or cup massages. It uses many needles that locate pressure points and nerve endings to stimulate deep muscles. Cupping, like Acupuncture, is a Chinese form of massage therapy. Blood letting is a bit more complex of a procedure, where blood is actually drained from an area where there is swelling that has resulted from pooling blood. It is more serious than either cupping or acupuncture.

Again, this procedure is not something that one should try of their own volition. All of these methods should be administered by experienced professionals, and should be carefully considered before they are undertaken with all health concerns considered.

While cup massages and cupping techniques are clearly not a first option when it comes to the alleviation of simple minor ache and pain, it is, in some cases of chronic disorders, one of the few ways to alleviate severe pain.

Clearly it is not a procedure to be taken lightly or to be used to help a pain that comes and goes, but if one suffers from agonizing constant deep pain in muscle structure or a joint, then perhaps cup massages should be considered.

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